Interview Lusophone Awards of Creativity

Creativity in digital transformation for the Lusophone Awards of Creativity

In the interview last Thursday, May 28, digital connection was discussing the themes that capture the moment in which we live in: home office, creativity and the digital transformation of the market. With the whole team at home office, but with some fear that the dynamics would be lost, the team’s results increased, which proves the team’s commitment and ambition to keep conquering new challenges.

#shareyouremotions left the agency, but sharing knowledge and creativity has not stopped. During the interview, digital connection shared the latest news about adapting to home office: distance hiring, providing 100% online training, and being able to maintain the international approach while being an integral part of the digital transformation in Portugal that, these days, has been exponential.

Follow the interview and find out how the agency’s rebranding and reinvention during the pandemic contributed to continue to conquer the Asian market, privileging the naturalness of human relations. See the interview here.